Terms and Conditions

  • As soon as a client is ready to place an order for any service (s) with KLonsys LLP, confirms that he and KLonsys LLP are in an agreement with the following terms and conditions. However, if a client confronts any issue relating to any subject during the service period in any circumstances, KLonsys LLP will get in touch with satisfactory information mitigating identity, the ground of grievances and clear information to categorize the problem or issue that has been pointed out by the client. Therefore, before subscribing to our service (s), please go through the following terms and conditions.

    1. KLonsys LLP makes a “Service Contract” or “Service Agreement” to start a commencement of any service (s) to the concerned client. Both, the client and KLonsys LLP should comply with agreement. This is a prior initiation in accomplishment of our process. Hence, both the client and KLonsys LLP must abide by the same without breaching any clause (s) till the end of service, mutually declared.

    2. KLonsys LLP delivers the entire service plans and packages on a monthly subscription basis. Nevertheless, a client always has an option to resume or stop the subscription at any point of the enduring services.

    3. KLonsys LLP does not padlock any client and hence doesn’t have any locking period. On the contrary, we strictly recommend our client to continue the digital campaign services, atleast for FOUR months to get the best development and enhanced performance of the website.

    4. All the service package (s) that we provide are strictly for digital marketing, internet marketing or online marketing. Consequently, there is no involvement of website’s technical development work in any plan.

    5. KLonsys LLP shall not be held responsible for any kind of problem/error occurred due to the changes made by the client to the website.

    6. To make the website search engine (s) more responsive, we may need to develop or do some alterations / changes to on-page as well back end support work, subject to the prior approval of the client.

    7. We may require the credentials/permits of the concerned website like FTP, CMS, and Admin login details etc, if the client consents to KLonsys LLP to make the changes. We precisely advise our client to make changes of the credentials once the job is accomplished by KLonsys LLP.

    8. We guarantee on outcome of results lying on certain cases as per mutual understanding by both the parties depending on the plan subscribed by the client as per their agreed deliverable at the specific period. In general, we do provide weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly reports of service delivered to the clients which incorporate all the activities we have performed during the service period.