SEO Process

Search engine optimization is a continuous process. This means it is a long term internet marketing technique. You can therefore build up on what you have at each stage of the process. Our SEO process focuses on achieving the best results with the three major search engines available today i.e. Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Our process involves:


1. Keyword research

Keywords are at the heart of any successful SEO campaign. It is therefore important to ensure that you select the right keywords to ensure that your website appear on the most relevant search results pages.
Our consultants will start by getting to know you and your business. We’ll strive to get an understanding of your objectives, products and industry. We’ll also analyze search data for your niche and find the best keywords that we can focus the campaign around. We always ensure that we have selected keywords that have the least number of competitors.

Providing positive PR

2. Making amendments to your website

It is important for your website to meet certain technical standards for an SEO strategy to work. Our consultants will analyze your website to check its structure. We have a team of website developers who will help in making any needed amendments.

If you want us to build your website from scratch, out team of web developers will ensure the consideration of SEO in the website’s development.

Our content developers will also ensure that your website content is effective for SEO. They will develop content and include keywords for optimization. We’ll also optimize your Title and meta tags as well as your website’s description.

link building

3. Link building

We believe that off-page optimization is just as critical as on-page optimization for SEO. We will help you ensure that your off-page optimization is effective through link building. We don’t go for volume when it comes to link building but quality. We ensure the natural building of your links to websites that will help you improve in your rankings.

Blog writing

4. Content updates

Search engines today love fresh content. Websites that can provide fresh content on a regular basis always receive higher ranking. Our content developers will provide you with fresh and engaging content.

why reporting

5. Reporting

You can’t know where to improve if you aren’t monitoring your website. We provide reports to our clients on the progress of our campaigns. We are therefore able to sit down with clients and determine what the best direction is for further improvement of the strategies we implement.